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As personalized/customized compounding becomes the standard to maximize patient efficacy, Trueaergrow, LLC, has begun to document self-assessment of effects of cannabidiol oil or flower products in treating certain ailments.  Over time, this, and other information, will be used to create analytically driven formulations for targeted ailments and symptoms. This data will help drive cannabis derived pharmaceutical products to the next level of efficiency and identify targeted formulations for specific ailments.


Aside from empirical data, Trueaerogrow is also engaged in research concerning the efficacy of cannabidiol and THC-A oil, and other cannabis products, as it relates to an individual’s genetic makeup. Studies indicate that formulation ratios are highly dependent upon a person’s genetic makeup, and even slight variations in formulation ratios can have a dramatic effect on efficacy.  As such, Trueaerogrow has a stated goal of creating customized formulations based on a person’s genetic makeup. Trueaerogrow has installed on-site compounding areas/rooms to create products in multiple CBD:THC and THC-A formulations that are tailored to treat each patient’s individual needs.

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