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Trueaerogrow has developed a proprietary, mobile high pressure aeroponic grow system for the vegetative and flowering phases of cannabis. High pressure aeroponics delivers atomized nutrient solution (5-50 micrometer droplet sizes) directly to plants’ roots, which are suspended in a dark, enclosed grow chamber, at regular intervals. The aeration of the nutrient solution delivers more oxygen to plant roots, thus maximizing nutrient absorption while stimulating growth and helping to prevent pathogen formation.[1] As a result, the high pressure aeroponic grow system increases yields by 40-75%, uses 98% less water, and 60% weaker nutrient concentration as compared to traditional soil or hydroponic cultivation methods.[2] In addition to these efficiencies, this grow system offers the most in terms of scalability and control, which will enables operators to quickly scale its operations based on the fluctuating needs of any given cannabis market.


The system includes various in-line automated quality control sensors that monitor nutrient solution quality and pertinent system components. If equipment failures are detected, or nutrient solution variables (pH, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids in parts per million, and temperature) exceed an acceptable range, relevant personnel will be notified via text message and email alerts. Moreover, all pertinent system components are connected to a backup power supply to protect against any potential power losses. These measures help to ensure consistent production and quality of the pharmaceutical cannabis products.


In addition to these automated monitoring systems, Trueaerogrow has developed a rigorous SOP program that was designed based on years of research and development conducted at its cultivation and extraction operation located in Washington State. These procedures ensure that all equipment is properly maintained, operated, and sterilized. All monitoring data concerning the high pressure aeroponic grow system is archived for future analysis and auditing purposes.


The aeroponic grow system currently employed at the cultivation and extraction operation in Washington State has successfully generated 8,000 – 10,000 pounds of dried cannabis while maintaining a 99% passage rate of quality assurance tests performed at third-party laboratories. These tests include microbiological screenings (mold, fungus, mycotoxins, etc.), moisture level and water activity tests, heavy metal screening, and pesticide screening.


The utilization of high pressure aeroponics reduces the risk of human error as it relates to the cultivation process and provides consistency from harvest to harvest, resulting in consistent extraction results and pharmaceutical products. The ability to control nutrient application to plants allows operators to create novel phenotypic expressions and cannabinoid profiles. This gives Trueaerogrow a unique advantage in terms of creating customized medicine that other pharmaceutical processors who utilize traditional methods of cultivation cannot accomplish.


[1] Stoner, R.J. and J.M. Clawson (1997-1998). A High Performance, Gravity Insensitive, Enclosed Aeroponic System for Food Production in Space. Principal Investigator, NASA SBIR NAS10-98030

[2] NASA Spinoff (2006), Progressive Plant Growing Has Business Blooming, Environmental and Agriculture Resources, p 67.

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