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Trueaerogrow employs, through its strategic partner, Infusion Biosciences, the patent pending Aqueous Phytorecovery Process (APP) to create water-soluble (Infuz2O) and Bio-Natural Oils. These oils are used to produce a broad range of finished products – capsules, beverages, edibles, transdermal patches, inhalers, topicals, and vape liquid. Importantly, APP does not use any artificial chemicals or harsh physical treatments in the process, and thus retains the nuanced plant and strain characteristics that are typically lost using traditional extraction methods (i.e., hydrocarbon and CO2 extraction methods).





As shown in the diagram above, The APP process utilizes proprietary reagents in a 2-step “soak and strain” method to create the water-soluble (Infuz2O) and Bio-Natural Oils.


Water Soluble (Infuz2O) Oil Characteristics:

  • Fast onset (less than 5 minutes) and fast offset (less than 90 minutes) of effects in comparison to other ingested cannabis oils, which can take over 1 hours for onset, and 3-6 hours for offset.

  • Retains strain specific nuances and whole plant experience.

  • Naturally dissolved in water: most efficient means to deliver a bioactive to the human body. No need for added chemicals or formulation gimmicks that are now used to make cannabinoid oils “stay” in water.


Bio-Natural Oil

  • Retains strain specific nuances and whole plant experience.

  • Recovered directly in carrier oil and ready for consumption and/or formulation.

  • Predictable effects and onset/offset times.


For more information concerning the Aqueous Phytorecovery Process please visit

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